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About North Phoenix Fit Body Boot Camp

We exist to be the best part of your day, EVERYDAY.

Workout and get in shape
popular, fun, results driven workouts

We are North Phoenix Fit Body Boot Camp: the popular, fun, results driven group personal training center.


We specialize in 30-35 minute weight loss boot camp classes that challenge the body and deliver results in a positive, supportive atmosphere.

Our sessions combine high intensity interval training (HIIT) and active rest, with Strength training, cardio and core. We guarantee our clients results by adding nutritional guidance and personal accountability. 


“Boot camp” fitness classes are increasingly popular, but not all boot camps are created equal. When comparing fitness classes, the most important thing to look for is a track record of real people getting real results.


At Fit Body Boot Camp, our fitness classes are not “classes” in the traditional sense, but results-driven, high-energy sessions focused on weight loss and body toning


Our signature Afterburn workouts combine High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) with Active Rest Training to produce 35 minute workouts that burn twice the calories in half the time and keep the metabolism running at a higher rate for up to 36 hours post workout.


Compare our 35-minute sessions to other fitness classes, which typically last 45 minutes to an hour. With our Afterburn workouts, you don’t need to choose between results and convenience -- you can have both!

Research shows that shorter, more intense fitness classes (HIIT) and workouts that activate one set of muscles while others rest (Active Rest) lead to faster and more sustainable weight loss. It turns out, what’s best for your schedule is also best for your health.


Best of all, our 35-minute sessions are scheduled throughout the morning and evening to fit your schedule!

Working out at North Phoenix Fit Body Boot Camp
Group Personal Traing Saves Money


Our group fitness classes began with one simple question: How could we make the powerful results of 1-on-1 personal training available to more people?

The answer: provide the benefits of 1-on-1 training by keeping the same high quality while splitting the cost among 20-30 people per session. The key to that is our certified fitness coaches -- who are basically the ultimate version of personal trainers.

They go beyond the basics of instructing a fitness class -- they provide the personal accountability you need to reach the body of your dreams and keep it for good.

The Owner's Story

Hi! My name is Aaron Robertson. I am the proud owner of North Phoenix Fit Body Boot Camp and I am elated to help you gain confidence, be fit, and truly love your body.

I grew up in Chicago (Go Bears! Go Cubs!) where I developed as an athlete by competing in martial arts since I was 9 years old. Going through the strength and conditioning programs, and learning the best ways to better the health of myself, and others, through nutrition and exercise has made it all worth it. 

My passion for fitness, coaching, and helping people achieve their goals has evolved naturally into my becoming a National Academy of Sports Medicine Certified Group Fitness instructor, Personal Trainer, and Behavioral Change Specialist. I also owned and operated Chicago ROCK Fitness before Amanda, our two boys, and I moved to Southern California. This is where I was introduced to the Fit Body Boot Camp brand.

I was honored to hold a management position at the La Verne Fit Body Boot Camp location in California for over two years. There, I discovered how fun and addictive the Fit Body culture is! The environment was infectious, and the members’ stories so inspiring, that it made me want to be an even bigger part of this incredible movement.

Now my family and I have made our home in Arizona, and I’m dedicating myself to helping you through your own fitness journey.

Realize that being truly HEALTHY and feeling GREAT is possible. It’s all about having the right mindset, stepping out of your comfort zone, and creating healthy habits.

I’m beyond excited to meet each and every one of you! I’ll see you in class!

Aaron Robertson, Owner/ Coach

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